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1837 Founded

Our Story

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church

To live and love in faith

We are a small congregation with energy and commitment to serving God and neighbor through inspiring worship and compassionate service.

We are a part of the Reformed tradition and practice the sacrament of baptism as the sign and seal of our belonging to God. Baptism points to that mystery of faith we call salvation.

We gather at the Table of our Lord. Also known as the Eucharist, Communion, and the Lord’s Supper, it is a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and reminds us of our dependence on Christ for our lives.

We are guided and ruled by the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Christ is revealed to us in the scripture of the Hebrew bible (Old Testament) and the New Testament. We value Bible study, preaching, and scripture reading. Even so, we can only understand and hear the Word with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Each of these; our belonging to God, our dependence on Jesus Christ, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit leads us into the world. Our reason for being a church is described in our mission statement;

Our Community

Join Us In Our Journey

To live and love in faith

First Presbyterian Church (USA) of 320 Park Avenue East in Princeton, Illinois is a member of Blackhawk Presbytery.

It has been recorded as being organized in 1837 holding its first services near the southeast corner of the Courthouse Park.  With the first building of 1857 being built and burning in 1936, the present one was rebuilt in the same location and same design in 1937.

The worshiping family has a long history of seekers traveling together on a journey of faith.  As in any family system, this church, as a family, has traveled for many years.  Traveling in varying compatibilities, yet, focusing on the main goal, to be in search of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, walking through the shadows of struggles as well as in joy. 

Please, come join us in our journey. 

Our Mission

Mission &

The old Sunday School hymn says “they will know we are Christians by our love”. Sharing God’s love should not end at the front porch of the church. It extends to the neighbor down the street, the tornado victim in Oklahoma, and the drought devastated regions of the Sudan. Some of our most recent efforts in mission and evangelism include:

Program Descriptions

Lunch in the Park

Sponsored by the Princeton Area Chamber of Commerce we serve a lunch to local residents and use the proceeds to support Athletes in Action as they share the gospel with students at Northern Illinois University.

Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoe Box Mission

Since 1993 more than 100 million boys and girls in over 130 countries have experienced God’s love through the power of simple shoe box gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Our church’s collection of gifts occurs during the month of October. We have a potluck dinner and decorate our shoe boxes the last Sunday of October.

School Kits

The Presbyterian Women join in a Mission project with Church World Services, to provide School Kits for those in need around the world. School supplies such as pencils, paper, crayons, scissors and rulers are collected during the month of August, then placed in a cloth sack. The supplies are taken to Blackhawk Presbytery and sent on for distribution.

One Great Hour of Sharing

Received at Easter provides disaster relief worldwide through the denomination.

Christmas Joy Offering

Benefitting retired Presbyterian ministers in need, is received at Christmas.

Ecumenically Involved

We multiply our efforts by participating with neighboring churches for Vacation Bible School, Ash Wednesday services, Monday night community dinners, and Buddy-Bags.

Our Mission Pledge, in addition to other efforts is taken from general offerings.

Our Team

Welcome to the heart of our church community – our dedicated and passionate staff who play a vital role in fostering spiritual growth, building connections, and serving with unwavering commitment. Our team is composed of individuals who bring a diverse range of talents, experiences, and a shared love for our faith. Together, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone can find a sense of belonging and purpose.

From pastoral care to administrative support, our staff members work collaboratively to ensure the smooth functioning of our church family. Whether you’re seeking guidance, have a question, or simply want to connect, our staff is here to assist you on your journey of faith.

Get to know the faces behind the ministry, and discover the shared vision that unites us as we continue to grow and serve together. We look forward to building meaningful connections with you and walking hand in hand as we navigate the path of faith, love, and community.